A Right Way to Worship God?

I recently read a blog post about worship styles in worship services and it launched me into deep thought. One of the observations made, which got me thinking, was this statement: “If Paul were to walk into a traditional Protestant service with the hymn singing, the reading of Scripture and the lengthy sermon he might think he was in a religious service much like the Jewish synagogue.  He may not have much trouble accepting it as a kind of Christian worship service, although he might question their understanding of the Eucharist.  However, if the Apostle Paul were to walk into a mega church with its praise bands and elaborate worship routine, he would likely think he was at some Greek play and seriously doubt he was at a Christian worship service.  If the Apostle Paul were to walk into a Pentecostal service he would probably think he had walked into a pagan mystery cult that had no resemblance at all to Christian worship”.

This is quite an indictment – and it led me to ask another question: If Paul might think these thoughts if he were to visit the church in the 21st century, I wonder what Jesus might think if he visited the churches today?

To read and interact with the full article, you can find it here:


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