An Encouragement to Christian Women to Action after Obergefell

images-18As I scanned articles on the First Things web site (a periodical hailed, by the way, to be america’s most influential journal of religion and public life), I came across a little  gem I found refreshing. Titled ‘Renewing My Plea: Humanae Vitae after Obergefell‘, author Luma Simms issues a call to women to resist the present downward moral spiral of our culture – and specifically SCOTUS – not politically but rather, by ‘rising up and using their feminine genius”. What does she mean?

Here’s an excerpt from her article: “The culture that now finds itself in a post-Obergefell mishmash—whereby marriage is whatever anyone wants, for as long as everyone involved thinks it’s still fun for them—blossomed out of no-fault divorce. Every act of faith within this sphere, then, is an act of resistance to the SCOTUS decision and to the culture that bred it. At the heart of this resistance are mastery over concupiscence, a deeper understanding of the spousal meaning of the body, and a grasp of sacramental marriage.”

Further, she suggests: Women must stand athwart current feminism, yelling “No!” to contraception. And “No!” to abortion.“No!” to sex outside of marriage. “No!” to men who want to “try things out” by cohabiting. “No!” to the temptation to act on same-sex attraction. “Yes!” to sacramental marriage. “Yes!” to an open and fruitful womb. “Yes!” to adoption if the womb is closed. “Yes!” to religious vocations. “Yes!” to spiritual motherhood. “Yes!” to life at home with young children, even if it means less income. “Yes!” to anything and everything that makes the woman fruitful both in and out of the home. “Yes!” to the abundant life that typifies womanhood qua womanhood rather than as “feminine machismo.” 

Simms writes as a Roman Catholic while I’m clearly Protestant. But despite this difference, her article challenges me and convicts me (in a good way) to continue to stand fast and hold the line in upholding the true worth and support of women and motherhood, the sanctity of covenant marriage, the value of celibacy, and the blessing of many children (whether through natural birth of adoption), or both.

In this post-SCOTUS world, many who follow Jesus Christ wonder what to do. For both women and men of faith, Simms journal article reminds us that a significant part of the answer abides closer than we might think; and clearly, ANY woman who purposes to live out the challenge Simms puts forth, will be absolutely, totally, counter-cultural.You can read the full article here.

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